Weeknotes #001

Rougemont, SwitzerlandRougemont, Switzerland

It’s hot here. I’m in a hammock reading up on the popular section of Pinboard while O is asleep and B/Ph have their screen time. We’re spending the week in Rougemont. It’s the first time I took my family up to the mountains, so far it has been great.

Back to Pinboard. The popular section has a link to a post by Matt Webb on the format of Weeknotes. I’ve always enjoyed his weeknotes, and more then once I thought about starting my own version. Often that was from the agency perspective, which would then not find any follow up. I guess that if I want to get this started, I should do so myself.

So here it is, the first edition of my weeknotes. Intended as a moment/place to share some of the things I thought about during the week, to collect what made me think or what has kept me busy.

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